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Service Is Our Culture

In May 2016, after four years in management, Claude Schmidlin takes over the company Savoir Faire, which was founded in 2010. He places the guiding principle "Service is our culture" at the center of the business philosophy.


Savoir Faire – Basel's First City Concierge shall embody an incomparable dedication – to perform services promptly, to complete satisfaction and with the necessary discretion.This requires a strong team. Savoir Faire feels jointly responsible for success and sustainability. From employees to management: The team spirit is a big concern.

The basic idea of our business image is the unification of all services. Different needs do not require several providers. Savoir Faire is the one contact person, the one trustworthy partner.
​ Domestic and foreign companies, trade fairs and events, residents and visitors to our city – everyone should be able to invest their valuable time more sensibly. Because savoir faire will do the rest.


We give you time.

Our Team

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