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Trimmed the English lawn. Picked up customers at the airport. Cleaned in every corner. Went for a walk with the dog.  Put the house in order. Move organized and old apartment cleaned. drove my mother to the train station. Washed the car. All errands picked up. children cared for. Pictures and lamps mounted. Prepared for daughter's birthday. Accompanied when shopping. Organized rental cars for customers.

Savoir Faire
Your Rock in the Surf

We take over the Wheel for you

Discreet, friendly, reliable: We relieve you in the big and small things of everyday life as well as in complex matters.

Your Personal Concierge for your Company

Whenever you are short of resources in your everyday work, we take over for you professionally and with commitment.

Service is our Culture

Claude Schmidlin and his team competently, professionally and flexibly take on all the challenges that everyday life has in store for you.

Enthusiastic statements from our customers

«For me, Savoir Faire is a must. I can no longer imagine my everyday life without their service.  

It makes my everyday work a lot easier, no matter what we need, whether it's advice, craftsmen or shopping. 

Savoir Faire is always at the door with the right solution. I love to rely on a partner who knows my high quality standards and implements them in a customer-oriented manner. 

I highly recommend Savoir Faire.»

—  Silvana Maucioni, owner of bubbly gmbh

Our Partner

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