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Cleaning Service

Prices exclusive 7.7% VAT

Private- / Office Cleaning

The cleaning service for you in private or in the office

Savoir Faire takes care oft he cleanings of your premises.

Contact us if you’re interested and would like to get an offer.

38.50 CHF / Hour

Final Cleaning

The special cleaning after a move or renovation

You need a professional cleaning team?

We are here for you anytime and anywhere.

46.50 CHF / Hour

Window Cleaning

The cleaning for a clear view

Window cleaning and shutter cleaning.

Inside and outside.

We would be happy to do this for you.

42.50 CHF / Hour

Terrace- / Balcony Cleaning

The cleaning for a relaxed day outdoors

Are the tiles on your terrace dirty or do you want your balcony railing to shine again.

We will turn your wish into reality.

46.50 CHF / Hour

Gutters- / Roof Cleaning

The cleaning high above the roofs

The blocked gutters will be emptied and cleaned by us.

The leaves will be removed and disposed properly.

65.00 CHF / Hour

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