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Chauffeur Service

Prices exclusive 7.7% VAT

VIP Chauffeur

The exclusive way to travel

Whether you want to go to the airport or directly to St. Tropez,

we will drive you safely to your destination.

Upon Request

VIP Shuttle Service

The perfect passenger transportation for groups and events

Are you in need of a shuttle bus or want to take a tour of Basel?

With us you will find everything you need.

Upon Request

Passenger Transportation

From A to B with Savoir Faire

You don’t want luxury? No chauffeur in a suit? But simply a transfer.

Also with this we can help you.

Upon Request

Transportation Of Your Goods

The all-round carefree transportation package

Your sofa needs to be brought to Zermatt, built on site and the packaging material needs to be removed and disposed?

-Savoir Faire.

Your moving and need your furniture dissasembled, moved and reasembled.

-Savoir Faire.

Your goods need to be delivered to Geneva by truck.

-Savoir Faire.

Upon Request

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